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patented monkey fist

Monkey’s Fist Throw and Tug Toy

DogTek Toys are the highest quality (and most prestigious) Dog Toys available on the planet.

We use hyper durable Chalk Line Climbing rope for all our toys. It has Endura STD-DRY water-repellent coating applied to the core and has Str8 Jacket construction which keeps its shape, keeps the cover and core in balance which eliminates sheath slippage and reduces flat spots and helps maintain the performance of the rope. We use climbing grade rope clamps with working load limit (WLL) rated at 400lbs.

Length is 24″.

You can throw it at least 30 yards as a fetch toy and it is a super TUFF tug of war toy. My 70lb Weimaraner George LOVES it. WARNING: IT IS NOT A CHEW TOY — IF YOUR DOG CHEWS IT FOR SEVERAL HOURS IT WILL DEGRADE. THROW IT. TUG IT. DON’T CHEW IT!!

Price: $29.99

The Original Orange/Grey


Natural with Orange & Blue Specs

Neon Green