Enduro Mountain Leash

These are the highest quality (and most prestigious) Dog Leashes available on the planet.

Standard length is 6 feet. Custom made lengths available.

We use Chalk Line Climbing rope for all leashes. It features Endura STD-DRY water-repellent coating applied to the core and has Str8 Jacket construction which keeps its shape and keep the cover and core in balance, virtually eliminating sheath slippage and reduces flat spots and helps maintain the performance of the rope.

Leash Clip is type 316 stainless steel Marine Swivel Snap Hook. Breaking load limit is 353lbs. The swivel-hook design fully rotates so there is no “right” or “wrong” way to clip the swivel hook to your pets collar. Super easy to snap hook into place.

We use climbing grade rope clamps with working load limit (WLL) rated at 400lbs.

Price: $29.99 + Shipping